Who will I be when I’m 53?

April 14, 2016 Rosemary

Who will I be when I’m 53?

RS5In my late 20’s, at the height of my advocacy days, a friend and I mused over breakfast about where our lives were going.

“I’m going to be a healer when I’m 53”, I announced.

I don’t know why I said that, but it was a strong, powerful feeling. Saying it out loud set an intention that has stuck with me since.

Some years after that breakfast, when I shared the story with my husband, he told me he thought I was already a healer. Although I wasn’t doing hands-on massage or psychotherapy, I was helping people to find their inner wisdom, and undo the blocks in their heads. I realised that I was healing through my coaching and facilitation. I realised that it no longer needed to be a goal, but an acceptance of my current role.

It was at around that time that a little ditty started playing in my head. It went:

‘So who will I be

when I’m 53’.

Knowing that I am already a healer, and having reached that goal earlier than I thought, I have come up with seven roles that sit well with me, and that my Mentor Within approves of. I am setting the intention for that moment when I turn 53 later this year. I will be:

A Triple Win Guide

The philosophy I have pioneered will be something I am known for. I reckon my healing has morphed into this role, and I’ll be known to help create triple wins in decisions and actions for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, leaders and thought leaders. Wins for you, me and all of us.

1. Coach and Mentor

There is nothing I love more than helping motivated people who are passionate about making positive change in the world find the blocks that are holding them back, and opening up the next phase of impact. When I’m 53 I’ll be known for this role.

2. Trainer of Facilitators, and Shadow Facilitator

With years of facilitation behind me, I’m turning my hand to training facilitators – specially people who run groups and group processes but don’t call themselves facilitators. I will shadow people as they work with groups to teach them in real time some of the skills I have learnt over the years.

3. Speaker

I’ve been in front of audiences more times than I can count, and I am currently embracing the role of professional speaker.

4. Connector, Collaborator, trainer of those Building Tribe

Someone once told me that when I make this my core business I will be highly successful. That was many years ago, and now, taking his advice, I am doing just that. I have always been a community builder and collaborator, but now I am moving into helping others to learn how. I am unpacking the methods that I use and assisting others to build tribe.

5. Conference Strategist

I am in my element helping people who are gathering groups together for a particular goal to help them reach that goal. Adding the pre-conference elements, the post-conference follow up for traction and turning the conference itself into an experiential and transformative experience, with changes that stick. Yes. That’s what lights me up.

6. Mother, loving partner and family member and advocate of strength-based parenting

Whatever else I do in my life, and whatever responsibilities I take on, I will continue to honour and nurture my role as mother to my child, partner to my amazing husband and collaborator, and active family member. I believe in strength-based parenting and value the wisdom of small people. I will fight tooth and nail to make this a core value with all I come into contact with.

7. Published author

At the launch of my book, the Mentor Within, I said that calling myself an ‘Author’ was one of the most powerful things I have ever done. It was something I wanted to do before I turned 53 and I have done that. Now I am living the healing that my book provides, and loving the stories coming my way of others’ Mentors Within.


Who will you be when you’re 53? Or if you’ve already hit that milestone, who will you be when you’re 63 or 73 or 83 or 93? I’d love to hear. Feel free to contact me about how I can help you achieve your goals or those of your organisation or community.

Write to me and let me know.


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