Turn down the volume of your Monster Within and reconnect with your Mentor Within.

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The Mentor Within is a business and leadership book that helps you make better decisions and take powerful action. With the three keys to wisdom – clarity, confidence and commitment – the reader accesses their Mentor Within, an ever-present benevolent and powerful guide. The book is based on the philosophy of Triple Win: creating wins for you, those around you and the world. It’s a dip-in dip-out book with practical exercises and immediate actions.


I wish I had read this book 20 years ago! I always felt “not good enough” or “not enough”. Back then I didn’t realise that these were my Monsters talking. In the Mentor Within, Rosemary takes the reader through a journey of exploring our Monsters Within. Using simple to follow exercises she helps us to identify the Monsters, and to work at “turning down their volume.”  With her non-judgemental style, she coaches the reader to access the Mentor Within and gives practical advice for making better decisions and putting them into action. The Mentor Within is a great tool which I find myself going back to again and again.

Dr Estelle Lawrence, South Africa
  • Launched in 2016 and 2017 in Australia and South Africa.
  • Transcribed into Braille for the Vision Australia library.
  • Available direct from the author here and on https://thementorwithin.com.au
  • Available in most online bookstores.

It has been presented to more than 1000 people to date in workshops and conferences.

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Rosemary Shapiro-Liu is easily one of the wisest people I have ever met. The concept of reconnecting with our ‘Mentor Within’ is so relevant for the world we live in, which I think makes this book absolutely priceless. Broken into three key sections, Rosemary helps to identify the monster within, find our inner wisdom and then she brings it all together when we reconnect with the ‘Mentor Within’. This book should be in every boardroom, business and bedroom on the planet.

Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s # 1 small business author, international bestselling author, entrepreneurial commentator and global speaker.

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The Mentor Within
by Rosemary Shapiro-Liu
A business and leadership book for better decisions and powerful action

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