So what is a Triple Win?

October 21, 2020 Rosemary

So what is a Triple Win?

Wins for you, me and all of us

People ask me all the time about Triple Wins. What are they? What makes them work?

Here is the answer:

A triple win is a win for you, those around you and the world. It’s dynamic, unlike a win-win which is static. Once there are at least three parties winning, there are rolling wins. One win leads to another and another and another.

It’s not about slapping one another one the back and going ‘I’m ok, you’re ok, mate’. It’s about looking for the best ways for everyone to both BENEFIT AND CONTRIBUTE.

We know that those who give and give and give burn out. That when we run out of altruism it is replaced with resentment. And we know that those who receive and receive and receive become powerless. They yearn to also contribute.

People who have the chance to contribute when they benefit from something are happier. The power balance is restored. Those who benefit in some way when they contribute feel the same. And if everyone is winning, hey, that’s brilliant.

That’s Triple Win 101. Let me know of crazy-special triple wins that you know of.

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