Small business owners can be part of a groundswell of powerful change

October 16, 2019 Rosemary

Small business owners can be part of a groundswell of powerful change

As a Small Business owner, you can be part of the groundswell of powerful change. You might even draw your niche clients closer.

When the Climate Strike was called a few weeks ago, I wondered whether I, as a small business owner, should go on strike or not. Who would notice whether I participated or not? I wondered whether I should just stay at my desk and get on with the day’s work. Was it strange to go on strike when you are your own boss? 

But strike we did. As co-directors at Triple Win Enterprises, the decision was easy for both my husband and me. We saw the Triple Win in it. By striking we could stand for what we believed in, we could support all those calling for change and be part of the community, and we could join the global groundswell of powerful change that school goers are calling for. Young Greta Thunberg has led the charge in a way no adult can ignore. She has done more in her short life of activism than most large organisations will get done in their lifespan.

“Thunberg is right – change is coming. There are leaders of countries and businesses making commitments to tackle the climate crisis. ”  Michael H Fuchs in The Guardian, 25 September 2019

Change is indeed coming, and we wanted to be part of the groundswell. We headed to the city with thousands of others, accompanied by our child. Throngs of people converged in the city of Sydney and moved peacefully towards the Domain. Thousands had already amassed on the field when we arrived.

Some people marched on their own.

There were people on their own. They came to stand for what they believed in, with their signs. Sometimes with their walking sticks. A little old lady waited patiently for her turn to sit down on the big tree root I was resting on. She needed help to sit down and to stand up, but this hadn’t stopped her. She wanted to be part of the movement for change. 

Family groups stood up for what they believed in.

There were children and grandparents, people born in Australia and those from overseas. There were all age groups and all backgrounds, taking a stand as families. 

Teams from large corporations were part of the groundswell.

People had taken off work to show their support. They came in teams, some in suits, some in Friday casual wear. But they were there, egging one another along, and showing that even the big end of town knows this is important. 

Small business took to the streets that day.

Like us, other small business owners had taken to the streets to make a stand. Our social media feeds confirmed that plenty of our small business colleagues had made the same decision. Even though there would be an economic price to pay, ethics had come first for small businesses too.

As a small business owner, it can be tempting to stay in one’s bubble, but being part of the groundswell for powerful change is both uplifting and the right thing to do. We’d do it again. In a Smallville article I once asked what the world would be like if we didn’t need the change-makers. I said:

What if every business worked to make the world a better place, every leader held the principles of justice and fairness close to their hearts? What if every action was a triple win – a win for the person, for the people around them and the world? Imagine if we were driven by the goal of creating wins for everyone?

This will only happen if each of us thinks about how we can show where we stand on issues that are important to us and our business. It’s likely that those who like what you stand for will feel more aligned to you, which is good.

It is also likely you’ll sleep easy knowing that you are part of the groundswell of powerful change

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash