April 8, 2017 Rosemary

Schooltermpreneur – is it possible to be true to the name?

The school term is over, once again. For my kid it’s another set of achievements, peppered with the odd hat parade, awards ceremony, parent-teacher meeting, and first experience on the SRC. It’s also a time of navigating conflict in the playground, noise levels in class, the joy of a healthier lunch-box, and sticking to the where-we-can-run and where-we-can’t-run at school rule. For me it’s yet another two weeks of stopping my business to be mum. Full-time mum.

I first wrote about the idea of stopping work in school holidays in a blog on my Triple Win website a year ago. I called this kind of business owner or entrepreneur a Schooltermpreneur. At the time I realised that the idea of working through the holidays was not a win for me, not a win for my child, and not a win for all those around us.

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