Puppies, Pets and Pounding the Pavement – the PAWGUST Triple Win

August 8, 2018 Rosemary

Puppies, Pets and Pounding the Pavement – the PAWGUST Triple Win

Win-win is good, but a Triple Win is better. 

PAWGUST is a campaign that understands this. Guide Dogs Australia are simply combining the love of pets, the need to exercise them and ourselves, and the importance of raising funds for Guide Dogs puppies. Voila! They have a Triple Win campaign.

Whether we are trying to create wins in business, in organisations or in life, there is a whole lot we can learn from the PAWGUST campaign. Launched on the 1st of August 2018, this is their first year but certainly not the last. Their aims are simple: increase knowledge of Guide Dogs and raise funds to support puppies as potential Guide Dogs.

They could have just appealed for funds with a few images of cute puppies, but instead, they have chosen a campaign which I believe is a classic Triple Win.

They are capitalising on the need that most of us must improve our fitness and are combining that with our love and care of our pet dogs.

They are asking pet owners to walk their dogs for 30 minutes a day for 30 days and to raise funds through sponsors. The funds go towards raising Guide Dog puppies. And there it is; puppies, pets and pounding the pavement, a winning formula.


A win-win can be quite static; I’m ok, you’re ok, and that’s that. A Triple Win is dynamic. In fact, when three parties win, usually plenty of others win too. Simply put, a Triple Win is, wins for you, those around you and the world. To give it texture, it is best when there is a complex web of benefits and contributions, and when you get that right, the win-cycle expands and grows.

A win for you, those around you and the world.

With the PAWGUST campaign, their Triple Win has led to more winners:

  • the walkers
  • the pet dogs
  • the sponsors of the walkers
  • Guide Dogs Australia
  • the people who will one day have a Guide Dog by their side and
  • those carers who can hand over some of their caring responsibilities to the canine assistants.

I’m sure you could add to this list.

A powerful mix of benefits and contributions.

When there are multiple benefits and multiple contributions, a Triple Win has traction. The pet owners who commit to the PAWGUST challenge of walking their dogs every day for 30 days will get fitter and so will the dogs. Dogs that have been difficult to manage might well behave better, benefitting everyone they meet. Campaign sponsors feel good because of their contribution, and we all know that giving improves mental health (an added benefit).

Of course, the final recipients of the chain of powerful benefits and contributions will be the people who are blind or vision impaired who will enjoy the companionship and assistance of a Guide Dog and gain the freedom and independence to move around with ease. Another subtle benefit will be Guide Dog puppies or full trained dogs who become conversation starters.

I have certainly seen the benefit of Guide Dogs as I worked alongside my co-facilitator, Nicholas Gleeson, on a leadership course. Unity, his trained dog, made it possible for him to fly independently to the course, get to and from the venue safely, and even assisted during the sessions by being a wonderful canine presence for the people who were having a tough time (when he was off-duty). I can attest to the benefits to all the participants as the dog played more, than his given role to help and support, with everyone in the room. A great contribution from Nick and his dog, to the benefit of everyone present.

Piggy-backing on actions people are already taking.

To create Triple Wins easily, it is best to piggy-back on what people are currently doing or want to be doing. A recent survey by Guide Dogs NSW has found that 1 in 10 dog owners don’t walk their dogs at all and one-quarter of dog owners (of Australia’s 4.7 million dogs) only walk their dogs once a week.

Capitalising on the fact that dog owners know they should walk their dogs, PAWGUST encourages dog owners to walk their dogs for 30 minutes a day for 30 days in August.

PAWGUST are nudging people to do what they know they should be doing rather than using a start-from-scratch solution.

I am the founder of the Global Walking Tribe, a group of women around the world that I encourage to walk with me virtually for 30 minutes a day for 30 days at a time on a theme. I know this works as I’ve tested it over 60 months. The tribe forms accountability, as does the PAWGUST campaign. Piggy-backing onto pet owners’ walks is very clever.


Simply put, you do what PAWGUST is doing. You find out who can benefit and how people can contribute, and you create tangible wins for everyone. You piggy-back on actions people are already taking (see my previous Triple Win articles on Dry July and AdventureCo) and you learn to think Triple Win in all your decisions and actions. For PAWGUST it was the combination of puppies, pets and the need to pound the pavement. Perfect.

Often, it’s a small shift, but a powerful one.

If you’re working hard to make it happen, chances are it is not a Triple Win. Relax, and go with the flow. Make sure everyone is doing what they do best towards the goal.

Seriously, it’s that simple. Get behind whatever is already happening and harness the energy.

If you notice everyone seems happy, you’ve created a Triple Win.


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