The Mentor Within

March 27, 2016
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The Mentor Within

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The Mentor Within

In The Mentor Within, Rosemary Shapiro-Liu draws on lessons from her mentors, and her vast experience as a coach and facilitator. It is a how-to book with a difference. It doesn’t provide all the answers: instead it reminds you that you have a font of wisdom inside you, and you have the answers. In short, you already know what to do, but you are held back by the knots in your head – the fears, the blocking beliefs, the imposter syndrome. You have to deal with your monster to to access your wisdom.

The book offers three keys to unlock your wisdom: clarity, confidence, and commitment to the promises you make to yourself. To rise to your highest game, you need your Mentor Within – your greatest champion and guide – to ask the right questions, and support you in your choices.

The Mentor Within offers practical tips, useful exercises and important challenges to help you to make powerful decisions and take action to create wins for you, those around you and the world. Identifying your Monster Within is the starting point…..

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I had the great pleasure of reading an early pre-publish manuscript version of this book and it really is very good. Rosemary addresses the concept of reconnecting with our inner wisdom, aka The Mentor Within, in a wonderful three step process that I think we can all relate to. This is a book for business owners, people in the corporate world, parents – everyone! It will help you to quieten the doubt as vocalised by the inner critic, rediscover the wisdom you have gained simply by living your life and then reconnecting to the mentor within to help you make better decisions, feel more confident, trust in yourself and take positive actions in all that you do. A book that really can have an extremely positive influence on every aspect of your life.

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