March 18, 2019 Rosemary

Sydney:The Facilitator’s Emergency Toolkit One Day Training



Who is it for?

This one day workshop, The Facilitator’s Emergency Toolkit, is for anyone who finds themselves in front of an audience or a group as a facilitator, presenter or chairperson. If you struggle to juggle the needs in the room, while maintaining your cool and reaching the right outcomes, this is for you.

If being in front of an audience is part of your current or future work, you should attend.


What is The Facilitator’s Emergency Toolkit workshop?

A one-day experiential experience where you will learn the tools to balance competing needs:

  • Your needs
  • The needs of the audience and
  • The content and outcomes.

You will:

  • Discover your natural style and amplify the best of it
  • Learn techniques and skills that you can use when the going gets tough
  • Engage actively in a participatory workshop using adult learning techniques

About Rosemary, your facilitator

Rosemary is a highly experienced facilitator who believes in the power of groups. She is the Director of Triple Win Enterprises – creating wins for you, those around you and the world – and the author of the leadership book, The Mentor Within.

Rosemary founded The Facilitation Academy based on Triple Win thinking and action for meetings, workshops and events.

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