Do you need a coach or mentor?

You know what you want to do and you’ve promised yourself you’ll do it again and again.

But it never happens.

You’re tired of your own dialogue.

You internal dialogue is going around and around in circles.

You don’t have the confidence or the commitment to do what you know you need to do.

Now you can stick to your own promises.

A coach will help you to work out solutions and ways to achieve what you want to achieve. A mentor will guide you through the process. You might need a touch of each.

I have years of experience in helping people to gain clarity and confidence and make a commitment to reach their goals. I love working with people who

  • want to make the world a better place
  • have great ideas and need small tweaks and simple methods of putting their projects in place and
  • enjoy a warm, connected and relational way of immersing themselves in change processes that work.

I only take on a few coaching or mentoring clients at a time. We have to know there’s a great fit. A twenty minute chat will usually make that quite clear: we’ll know if I can help you and whether you like what you’re hearing, and can see potential in working together.

Sometimes a group coaching process can work – inside or outside of an organisation.

Book a quick chat to discuss how I can help you and your colleagues or your team make changes stick.

Why choose Rosemary?

I act as your Triple Win Guide. I ensure that you create wins for you (self care and self management), for those around you, and for the world. I help you to make small tweaks for big impact. When you work with me you learn to assess every decision and action to ensure that everyone both benefits and contributes, and that you don’t forget to look after yourself in the process.

Over three decades my coaching and mentoring work has taken me to many varied settings. Some highlights include:

  • The School for Social Entrepreneurs in Sydney as an action learning facilitator and tutor
  • The Metavision Institute in Bowral as a coach to the founder and creating and running Holistic Coaching Courses
  • My Choice Matters in New South Wales coaching people with disabilities and their family members to become leaders ahead of the NDIS
  • Change-makers in a wide range of fields
  • Corporate leaders
  • The many women who want to turn their passion into a business and want to ensure they look after themselves while doing it.

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Rosemary has been coaching me in my business for the past 2 years, supporting me to find clarity and focus. She has kept me on track and accountable but quickly led me into successful self- sufficiency and self-coaching. With her gentle but sure nudging, and her ability to pick up on minuscule emotional clues, she guided me on my path to manifest the life I wished for. On the way, Rosemary helped me tap back into my ability to turn problems into welcome challenges and opportunities for change.

Bettina Kaiser

Owner and Creative head, BKA+D Studio, Australia

Make Your Changes Stick


Do you need a Retreat for One?

Imagine sorting out all the threads in your head in one day.

Imagine leaving with the clarity to do what is needed, the confidence to know you can, and the commitment that it will be done.

And here’s the thing: imagine having a  wonderful time doing it. 

A ‘Retreat for One’ is a one-day retreat tailor-made for you. A time to stop, unload, and re-organise. With elements of bush-walking, coffee in a great cafe, and a delightful round table discussion – with just you and me.

Ah-hah moments.

Copious post-it notes.

A resurgence of energy and vitality. ,

And a plan.

You’ll reframe, refocus and re-energise.

This strong intervention is my most popular coaching offer. With a mix of listening and encouraging, your experience and my knowledge, we figure out something wonderful together. It’s your Mentor Within that guides the outcome.

Sometimes that’s all you need for your business, your organisation, your idea. Some people choose to add an accountability package. Some choose a coaching package.

You’ll know what to do.