The Triple Win philosophy underpins the work of Triple Win Enterprises: finding solutions that create wins for all.

With experience in working with business, government and civil society in urban and regional areas, Rosemary brings her diverse experience to any room or virtual space to create powerful solutions based on what works, how it works best, and drawing out the best from the knowledge, skills and experience of those present.

Whatever the setting, the methodology is based on community-building principles and is done through adult learning processes. Change sticks when everyone buys in, and Rosemary is known for her ability to help diverse stakeholders be heard and find common goals.

Rosemary and her colleagues are facilitative, setting firm boundaries for respectful and constructive collaborations, and drive towards outcomes that take into account the quiet voices. With a growing interest in Agile principles and mindset, Rosemary will help you reach the goals of  your discussion, workshop or conference.

Programs that use the Triple Win thinking and principles tend to reach their goals, iterate, revisit best practice, and continue to succeed.

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Rosemary designed, delivered and debated with us around the evolution of our strategic plan for PHIIA – the Private Health Insurers Intermediaries Association the industry group for those who help consumers make better choices around health insurance. She instinctively understood the depth and level of service we needed and packed it up and brought it to a head with a productive and thought-provoking session with the board. Her insights, experience and good humour gave us the nudges and knowledge to progress our purpose and goals in ways we might never have managed ourselves. Rosemary brings much-needed heart and soul to the process of discovering who we are and what we need to do to deliver on our promise.

Christopher Zinn

Director: campaigns and communications at Determined Consumer (CEO at PHIIA at the time of recommendation)