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At Triple Win Enterprises we create wins for you, those around you and the world. We coach and mentor, facilitate and train facilitators, and advise on strategy.

Creating Triple Wins is not only possible, but essential, often with surprisingly small tweaks for big impact. How? By making decisions thoughtfully, based on good ethics and inner wisdom, and taking action that is clever, innovative and ethical. It is possible to engage teams and communities for good. We just need to ensure that everyone both benefits from and contributes to every outcome. At Triple Win Enterprises we help you do just that.

Win-win is a static but Triple Win is dynamic, with the best outcomes. That’s the kind of world we want to build.

A note from Rosemary Shapiro-Liu

If you are a manager or Agilist, a social entrepreneur or change agent, we’re likely to get along. I am driven by the successes by co-creating small tweaks for big impact in purpose-led organisations. I support each person to become their own best manager to live a life at the best of their ability. With a wealth of experience, I am confident that we can cut to the chase and work out how best we can work together. I work closely with a network of change-makers, coaches and mentors who might be a better fit and I don’t hesitate to refer when necessary.

I founded Triple Win Enterprises because I am passionate about creating a better world. I call myself a Triple Win Guide, advising on strategy to create wins for you, those around you and the world.

I coach and mentor, advise and strategise with you for the best decisions and for powerful action to change people, groups, organisations and the world. I cut my teeth in the ganglands and prisons of Cape Town where a chance meeting with Nelson Mandela smoothed the way to the new Juvenile Justice system my colleagues and I were fighting for. I learnt in the dark days of Apartheid in South Africa that one can fight for good and can succeed. I saw it all around me, and I was caught in the wave of creating a better world.

Since then I’ve moved from thinning the prison walls to helping people break out of the prisons of their minds. I wrote The Mentor Within  to turn down the volume of your monster within and reconnect with your inner wisdom. This work, with individuals, is core to social change and social justice, in government, business and civil society.

I have been called a ‘great community builder and force for good’ and I do this by supporting what I call accidental facilitators to manage groups in meetings, workshops and conferences. There is nothing more irritating than time-wasting gatherings of people in person or online where the people component is managed badly. Every one of those sessions needs to be worthwhile for every person present and for the desired outcomes.  I founded The Facilitation Academy in 2018 for this purpose. I produced The Facilitator’s Emergency Toolkit to prevent facilitation emergencies and handle them if and when they happen.

I learnt most of what I use today in three phases of learning:

  • 15 years at NICRO, South Africa, including roles as the National Manager of Restorative Justice and the National Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Media
  • 20 years of coaching, training, facilitating and advising at Making Things Work and then Triple Win Enterprises working with funding agencies, government bodies, business and social entrepreneurship and not for profits in Australia, the UK and South Africa
  • a life-time of learning through a youth movement, through community engagement, through parenting and partnering, and through dance, particularly tango.

Please drop me a voicemail message on the ‘send voicemail’ message on the right. I’d love to connect. Or find me on Linked In

Rosemary is a consummate professional, with a brilliant incisive mind and a really deft touch in delivery. She is also a truly lovely person.

Debora Price

Professor of Social Gerontology, UK

Our clients

We really enjoy working with organisations that are purpose driven. We work comfortably with government, with business for good and with not for profits. Our coaching clients are in organisations and are individuals.

Speaking & Facilitation Highlights

Australia and New Zealand: The Australian Facilitators’ Network – ‘The Naked Facilitator’ (facilitator), Not for Profit Network Australia and New Zealand (key facilitator), Wyong Book Fair (MC), Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (facilitator), Silver Sirens (speaker), People’s Parliament (facilitator), Dent Global (speaker), Oatley Public School (speaker and facilitator), IGNITE Mid North Coast (session chair).

Southern Africa: South African Qualifications Authority SAQA (speaker), East African Fundraising Network in Mauritius (keynote speaker), Open Society South Africa (facilitator).

Other countries: International Centre for the Prevention of Crime Towards World Change Conference, Vancouver (facilitator), Probation Services Hull, UK (after-dinner speaker).

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Triple Win Co-Director Francis Liu

Francis is the co-director at Triple Win Enterprises and the Agile guide at Triple Win.

Francis works with people, process and technology for organisational change. He is committed to the Agile mindset and champions the Triple Win philosophy. He is known for his relentless focus on customer outcomes. He is currently the Agile Lead at EHealth (NSW Health, Australia).

Francis is a highly experienced Project and Program Manager and Coach in Agile, DevOps and traditional project management. With 7 years Agile and DevOps experience across various roles and industries, as well as a further 15 years technology experience, Francis leverages his vast experience to help clients uild capability and maturity organisations. He is focused on delivering business value fearlessly, pragmatically, iteratively and consistently. His coaching and mentoring style generates trust and enables personal and team growth and improvements which are core elements for cultural and organisational change. Francis’ solid background in product development matched with years of project delivery provides a firm foundation to bridge the gap between the Agile Manifesto and operational reality.