March 4, 2015 Rosemary

3 steps to finding Clarity as a Solopreneur


“Think of your why, they say. Think of your “One Big Thing”. Think of your passion. Your purpose. Think of the legacy you want to leave. It’s that thing that really floats your boat, makes your heart sing, puts you in the zone.”

It’s easy to answer, right?


I have yet to meet a solopreneur who has just one passion. Those who choose to fly solo are usually highly creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and multi-passionate. They dread making a decision about the direction of their work because of FOMO (fear of missing out).  There are so many whys, so many options for the “One Big Thing”. Yet every business coach will challenge solopreneurs to find clarity so that they can move forward with decisive action,  create traction and work for love AND money.

So what is this elusive thing called Clarity?

1. Clarity is about making choices: be brave

There is so much to do, and you want to do it all. Having many ideas, being creative, and being distracted by shiny things holds you back from being clear about what is needing to be done. Clarity is about choices. You need to be brave in your decisions about your business.

– Write down all the options for the business you want to offer.

– Eliminate those that are not pushing their way to the front.

Letting go of some of the options, at least for now, will create a business that resonates for you, and that you can focus on.

 2. Clarity is a discipline

Just as being ‘stuck’ or ‘confused’ can become a habit, finding and sticking to your newly discovered Clarity is a discipline. Find an accountability buddy, a coach or a mentor and let them know your clear vision. Ask them to hold you to account. Tell yourself you can change your mind later once you’ve given it your best shot, but for a set time you are going to give your idea wings.

3. Clarity is not for life, it’s for now

Instead of aiming to find clarity and keep it forever, you need to find clarity for now. It’s that feeling when the tension in your chest subsides enough to get things done, to move forward with a sense of flow. Clarity is being able to say the same thing more than once and it still makes sense.

Clarity is the first step. After that you will need to Verify, Simplify and Amplify your idea. So get clear, and honour your decision. Then go and create wins for yourself, those around you and the world.

Let me know how you have found your clarity…

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