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Triple Win Enterprises works with government, business and civil society. We help by making small tweaks for big impact. At Triple Win we believe that people know what to do but that the blocks to ethical and effective outcomes need to get out of the way. So we coach and mentor, facilitate and teach facilitation, and guide strategy to encourage contributions by all players and benefits for all.




The Facilitation Academy trains ‘accidental facilitators’ (people who run meetings, workshops and conferences but don’t yet call themselves facilitators) to work with groups of people make meetings, workshops and conferences seriously worthwhile for every person in the room. Our Facilitator’s Emergency Toolkit helps you prevent emergencies arising and teaches you to handle them if they do.



With experience in working with business, government and civil society in urban and regional areas, Rosemary brings her diverse experience to any room or virtual space to create powerful solutions based on what works, how it works best, and drawing out the best from the knowledge, skills and experience of those present. Change sticks when everyone buys in, and Rosemary is known for her ability to help diverse stakeholders be heard and find common goals.


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Become your own best manager. Request coaching and support based on Rosemary’s book, The Mentor Within, to move towards clarity, confidence and commitment to your goals. You’ll find accountability, affirmation and celebration. Most suited to women aged 45 up who want to make an impact while focusing on self-care. The Triple Win flagship offering is the Retreat for One, a bespoke coaching experience to review, re-focus and re-energise.


Rosemary Shapiro-Liu is the Founder and Director of Triple Win Enterprises and author of ‘The Mentor Within’. She is a passionate facilitator and has built a facilitation toolkit for people who don’t yet call themselves facilitators but who find themselves in front of groups.

Rosemary coaches and mentors leaders, change-makers, Agile practioners and community builders.

In collaboration with colleagues, Rosemary will help you create Triple Wins in your business, your organisation and your life. She has a penchant for brilliant conference processes, and excellent customer experiences.


Triple Win has the following public events coming up.  Click through to find out more.

Join Rosemary Shapiro-Liu at a Policy Hack on

Community Building in Regional Australia

on Day 2 of the #RegionsRising National Summit: “Growing Regional Australia – Shaping the Good Life”.

Rosemary is one of four Policy Hack facilitators at this conference the Regional Australia Institute in Canberra.

17 and 18 March, Canberra.

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